Monday Thoughts: Letting Go

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Frank Beamer
Frank Beamer addresses the media and the crowd at his retirement press conference on November 2, 2015.

Can you read just one more article about Frank Beamer’s retirement?

Everything that ran last week on the topic rightly centered on Frank. But this one will focus more on you, the Hokie fans.

The title of this week’s Monday Thoughts is “Letting Go.” If you’re like me, once the news had settled in about Frank, and you had digested some articles over the course of a couple of days, you felt yourself letting go.

And it was a relief.

But … letting go of what?

For me, it’s best described as letting go of every negative feeling I’ve had about the program in the last 15+ years. Letting go of my regret over losing the national championship game (I knew that night that Frank wasn’t likely to get another shot at it).

Letting go of the agony of losing all those high-profile games, all of them too numerous to mention: USC 2004, Miami 2005, BC 2007, Kansas 2007, Boise State 2010, Michigan 2011, and everyone before, after, and in between. Frank won a lot of games, but I’m not letting go of those; just the bad ones, the losses.

Letting go of the recruiting misses. (Okay, that one’s still hard, and will be, so long as Da’Shawn Hand, Derrick Nnadi, and Josh Sweat are still playing college football.)

Letting go of criticism of the job Frank has done lately as coach, and learning how to — as I wrote in Emotions