Scrimmage Report: Expect Blackshear to Contribute a Lot

Buzz Williams
Buzz Williams addresses students before Tech’s open scrimmage.

The Virginia Tech basketball program held an open scrimmage in Cassell Coliseum on Wednesday night. It was a controlled scrimmage, and the team went over several different situations. Unless you have a really sharp basketball eye, there’s not a lot you can take from such a scrimmage format. That being said, I’ve got some individual remarks about specific players, as well as some of the comments that Buzz Williams made to the students.

Students to Courtside Seats? Not Until they Start Filling Up the Student Section

Last night’s scrimmage was open to the public because a student tweeted Buzz Williams and asked for it. Williams, being the savvy marketer that he is, granted the request. He used part of the evening to entertain the students, and even let them have several contests on the court in between scrimmage sessions.

Buzz also used his microphone time to make a plea to the students. Last night, they got to sit courtside in sections 9, 11 and 13. Williams told them that he wants to lobby Whit Babcock for them to have those seats full time, but he couldn’t fight that battle unless they gave him the ammunition. Until they start filling up the student section, there’s no way he can make the argument that they should displace big donors courtside.