Monday Thoughts, Duke 2015: The Art of Losing

Travon McMillian
Travon McMillian

According to the administrative back end of our web site — the WordPress “dashboard” for those of you who have ever used WP — we have almost 9,700 articles in our WordPress database. And those are just the articles that date back to summer 2005, when we switched to a database-driven site. From 1996-Summer 2005, we had thousands more. In all, I’ll bet we have run close to 15,000 articles on this web site in its near-20-year existence.

We have run so much stuff on our site that I actually remember very little of it. Having posted hundreds of thousands of paragraphs and millions of words on this site, it’s no surprise that most of it escapes my memory.

But I remember something Jim Alderson wrote once, after the 2000 Pittsburgh game. That was a 37-34 thriller in Lane Stadium that Tech won when Carter Warley kicked a 27-yard field goal with 16 seconds left. That capped a 10-0 fourth quarter in favor of the Hokies, who rebounded from a 34-27 deficit to win, despite Michael Vick and Andre Davis being on the bench with injuries. Backup QB Dave Meyer led Tech down the field on the last drive, and Warley punched in the short field goal for the win.

Yes, Carter Warley once won a football game for the Hokies with a late-game kick. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.