Virginia Tech Must Feed the Hot Back

Travon McMillian
Travon McMillian

The frustrations of Hokie fans continue to build with yet another loss at the hands of Miami. It was a defeat that doesn’t feel as one-sided as last year’s loss to Miami, but instead a head scratcher that doesn’t quite add up.

I watched the game on Saturday surrounded by family and friends at my daughter’s first birthday party. Pink balloons and ribbons filled the majority of our house with music playing and kids running around. If there was ever an answer on how to get my mind off of another Virginia Tech loss, I was literally standing in it. Thankfully I had the game on for guests to enjoy some football. It’s always interesting to hear the reactions of casual fans and outsiders during a Virginia Tech game.

As you would expect, the typical Frank Beamer chatter surfaced regarding the downward spiral in recent years and his anticipated retirement. It’s apparent to outsiders that Beamer’s time has run out, and frankly those conversations have become tiresome over the years. However, it’s impossible to ignore the realities about the state of football program.

Another observation was how quickly Travon McMillian became a fan favorite in the room. The northern Virginia product garnered the nickname “Woodbridge” amongst the group every time he made a play. Many constantly yelled at the screen wondering why “Woodbridge” wasn’t getting the ball more…one of the constant questions many Hokie fans have had this season.