Friday Q&A: Durkin, Recruiting, and More

1) Crunch time, game is on the line, what’s our best offensive set and who is on the field? – rjh4vt

Chris Coleman: That’s hard to say without knowing exactly how much time we have left, exactly where we have the ball, and whether we are leading slightly, trailing, or the game is tied. Let’s just say it’s a tie game in the fourth quarter with a few minutes left, and we have an equal opportunity to use both the running game and the passing game.

To me, the personnel grouping is much more important than the offensive set. If I could pick 11 guys to be on the field at the same time, here’s what it would look like…

QB: Brenden Motley (r-Jr.)
RB: Sam Rogers (Jr.)
WR: Isaiah Ford (So.)
WR: Cam Phillips (So.)
WR/TE: Bucky Hodges (r-So.)
TE: Ryan Malleck (r-Sr.)
LT: Yosuah Nijman (Fr.)
LG: Wyatt Teller (r-So.)
C: Eric Gallo (So.)
RG: Augie Conte (r-Jr.)
RT: Jonathan McLaughlin (Jr.)