Film notes: Ohio State

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I’ve watched most of the Ohio State film, and I wanted to include some videos of a few things that stood out to me. Note that I’m not including anything past the Braxton Miller spin move play. The wind obviously was taken out of Tech’s sails on that play, and they weren’t as mentally sharp in the fourth quarter. I’m not going to hold that against them by closely criticizing their performance over the last 15 minutes.

Also, most of this is going to focus on linebacker play. Here’s a hint: though there were some good plays, specifically by Deon Clarke, linebacker play cost us against Ohio State.

That said, I’m going to start off with some positive plays, and then we’ll close the article with linebacker play. Feel free to stop reading early if you don’t want to witness it with your own eyes.

Sam Rogers Owns Eli Apple

Eli Apple is a very good cornerback for Ohio State. He will likely be a first or second round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He’s one of the best players on the best team in the country. However, he’s no Sam Rogers. Then again, who is?

On two consecutive plays, Rogers whipped Apple in the run game and the pass game. On the first play, you can hear the noise clearly through the ESPN cameras as he completely takes Apple out of the play, paving the way for Travon McMillian’s best run of the night.

And of course, you remember play #2. Rogers made a sharp cut to the right and left Apple grasping at the air on that long touchdown.