The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Finegate, and OSU Hype

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1) Is there any chance that the NCAA will question or want to investigate us as a result of the recent fine publicity? More specifically, are we at risk for any NCAA violations as a result of this? – kennedyvt

Chris Coleman: No, we aren’t at risk of any NCAA violations. No fines were collected by Virginia Tech’s football program. It’s likely that the fines would have been withheld from Cost of Attendance checks, and the first checks have not been given to players as of yet. Therefore, no policies have been violated.

Also, Whit Babcock was proactive when he found out about the news. The NCAA is more likely to be lenient to those who are proactive and up front with them. If Tech had actually violated NCAA rules, I expect they would get nothing but a wrist slap, and of course they would have to refund the money that was withheld from players.

I’m not worried about an NCAA investigation at all. There are only three things that bother me. First, seeing Virginia Tech’s name being slung through the mud on every national TV sports show, and every radio show. Second, the apparent disconnect between the football program and the compliance department. Third, that the football program actually thought that fining players would be kosher in today’s college sports environment.

Of course, they aren’t doing it to