2015 Virginia Tech Football Preview: Linebackers


Linebacker could be a weakness for Virginia Tech this year. It could also be a strength if Andrew Motuapuaka improves. At this point there is a whole lot of unknown.

Though the Hokies technically list a LOLB, MLB and ROLB on their depth chart, I don’t expect anything to function differently than we have seen in the past. I could be wrong, but for now we have no information to go on, as practices have been closed. We’ll go on treating Tech’s linebackers as mikes, backers and whips until we feel the need to do otherwise.

Again, remember that Virginia Tech only gave the media the two-deep on the first day of practice. We have no way of knowing exactly what the depth chart looks like once you get past the two-deep, and we also have no idea if the depth chart has changed since last Friday.