College GameDay, the Ohio State Game, and Naming Rights

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College GameDay and the Ohio State Game: A Much-Needed Boost for the Fan Base

Ok, so it’s not technically College GameDay. Close enough though. I’m happy for the program, but I’m especially happy for the fans. I’m even more happy for the students. I think it’s very important that our current students experience something this huge before they graduate, otherwise we risk having a large number of future donors go through college without ever experiencing a “big” game in a great environment.

Let’s look at our non-conference home games since 2011:

2011: Appalachian State, Arkansas State
2012: Austin Peay, Bowling Green
2013: Western Carolina, Marshall
2014: William & Mary, East Carolina, Western Michigan

There have been some nice conference games in that time span, such as the Georgia Tech opener in 2012, the Clemson game in 2011, and Florida State’s visit in 2012. For the most part however, our current students have spent their college careers watching a mediocre football team playing other mediocre football teams at noon in games that don’t matter on a national scale, and with a boring offense to boot. Our most hyped games in that span have generally come away from home, such as Ohio State last season and Alabama in 2013.

Most of us remember when Virginia Tech football was considered big time. Remember when College GameDay went to Pitt for the VT game back in 2003? Pitt was only ranked #21 in the country, and GameDay would never have any reason to visit them unless they were playing a big time opponent. That’s exactly