“Available Yards” is an Important Statistic to Follow in 2015

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Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer

One thing I’m going to be tracking this season on a game-by-game basis is the Available Yards advanced stat. I don’t think there’s another statistic out there that better represents how efficient an offense is.

Available Yards: yards earned by the offense divided by the total number of yards available based on starting field position.

In other words, if you have the ball on your own 40, you have 60 available yards to gain. If you gain 30 of those yards before losing possession, your available yards percentage is 50%.

Percentage of available yards gained is a more valuable statistic than simple “Total Offense.” If a team has a 90 yard drive but has to settle for a field goal, they’ll have more yards but fewer points than a team that drove 60 yards for a touchdown. It’s all about efficiency, not so much the total yards gained by the offense.

Virginia Tech’s offense didn’t put up flashy numbers during the Spring Game, but it was efficient when Michael Brewer was at the helm. The r-senior quarterback was under center for four drives, and three of them resulted in a 100% available yards conversion rate.

Drive 1: 64 available yards, 3 yards gained