Approval Ratings Analysis: Fans Overwhelmingly Approve Babcock

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Yesterday we ran our first ever approval ratings poll. Today we’ll give you the results, as well as some comments and thoughts on each result.

Please note: At the time this article was written, each poll had registered about 1,400 votes.

Tim Sands, Virginia Tech President

Strongly Approve: 490 votes, 36%
Approve: 629 votes, 46%
I don’t know/no opinion: 135 votes, 10%
Neutral: 113 votes, 8%
Disapprove: 11 votes, 1%
Strongly Disapprove: 1 votes, 0%

Virginia Tech fans obviously like Tim Sands. Only 12 votes disapproved or strongly disapproved, and only 10% of voters had no opinion. Over 80% of folks either approve of the job he’s doing, or strongly approve.

We voted “Strongly Approve” for Sands. We feel as if he has a good vision for the future of Virginia Tech, and we love his hire of head fundraiser Charles Phlegar, who in turn helped (along with Whit Babcock) hire Bill Landsden to run the Hokie Club. The early comments from those who have been around Landsden in a working environment have been totally positive.

From an athletic standpoint, Sands is very aware of the current landscape and what the future may hold. He did a great interview with David Teel last year about various subjects. He understands that athletics are the front porch of a university in a major conference. He’s not