Virginia Tech Approval Ratings: Summer of 2015

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Today we’re going to do something we’ve never done before: an approval rating poll for Virginia Tech’s top head coaches and administrators.

I included Tim Sands and Whit Babcock as administrators. I chose football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball because they are revenue generating sports, and I threw in baseball as well. I did not include the smaller sports, even if the Hokies are good at them.

I’ll continue to run this poll each summer, and after awhile we can monitor the increase or decrease in popularity for each coach or administrator, sort of like a presidential approval rating poll.  It might tell us a lot, and it might tell us nothing at all, but it will be interesting data to accumulate nonetheless.

I debated whether or not to make these polls available to non-subscribers. In the end I decided against it after reading through this thread. HokieJamie made a great point that non-VT fans could skew the final results if the polls were available to the public. If the polls are limited to subscribers only, we know that all votes are coming from Virginia Tech fans.

Please take your time and answer the following six questions as best you can. Remember, there is an “I don’t know/no opinion” option, so if you truly don’t know or you have no opinion, that’s the answer you should choose.

Please note carefully the way each question is phrased: “Which answer best describes your opinion on the job the coach/administrator is currently doing at Virginia Tech?”

Which answer best describes your opinion on the job Tim Sands is currently doing as president of Virginia Tech?

  • Approve (45%, 673 Votes)
  • Strongly Approve (36%, 527 Votes)
  • I don't know/No opinion (10%, 148 Votes)

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