TSL Roundtable: What Will Happen to UNC?

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Marquise Williams goes down hard in Blacksburg in 2013.
Marquise Williams goes down hard in Blacksburg in 2013.

Note: This topic isn’t necessarily about Virginia Tech, but since the Hokies recruit and compete against UNC in all sports, I thought it might be relevant for the summer months.

What do you think the NCAA will do to UNC, and why?

Hokie CPA: I believe the UNC case is a textbook example of a program lacking institutional control if there ever were one not named SMU. Given that the NCAA has been completely unwilling to issue the Death Penalty since SMU, I’m confident they won’t do it here. That leaves loss of scholarships and postseason sanctions as their remaining recourse.

However, the infractions are not limited to one sport, so how do they divide the sanctions? Do they put the entire sports program on a postseason ban for three years — no bowls and no NCAA tournaments? Do they take five scholarships per year from the football program and two scholarships per year from every other sport for three years? That would do a lot of damage to the program as a whole, and that’s probably what they deserve if they’re not going to use the Death Penalty. And does this affect the academic side of the equation? These kids got grades and credits for classes they never attended — if the class ever existed in the first place. Does sanctioning the athletic program hammer the rest of the University for their part in the transgressions? I don’t think it does.

The NCAA has created a precedent