The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: May 15, 2015

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1) What are the biggest influences for a recruit? Rank the impact each has on a recruit’s choice.

– school’s reputation in that sport
– school’s academic reputation
– the coach
– school’s reputation for sending players to the pros
– school’s location
– parents’ preference
– other

Is this different for football and basketball? – wwhokie1

Chris Coleman: I’ll answer the last question first. Yes, I think it is different for basketball recruits. They care a lot less about location than football recruits, because basketball is a traveling sport that is played on week nights. They grew up with their parents or guardians unable to see most or many of their games, and many attended basketball factories outside of their home state. For example, Jalen Hudson is from Richmond, but played his last two years of high school basketball in Ohio. Justin Bibbs is from Ohio, but played his final two seasons in Florida. Satchel Pierce is from Ohio, but he played in Pennsylvania. Basketball is a completely different animal.

First of all, I want to combine two of your influences together: school’s reputation in that sport, and school’s reputation for sending players to the pros. If a school has a high reputation in football, chances are they’ve sent a ton of players to the pros (Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, etc.). It goes hand in hand, I think.

Obviously the influences would vary depending on the recruit. Each person is different and unique. In general though, it probably goes something like this…

1: School’s reputation in that