Most Improved Award: Does it Translate?

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Vinny Mihota, Michael Brewer
Vinny Mihota and Michael Brewer were the 2015 Spring Football Most Improved award winners.”

Somebody sent me an interesting question recently, and I thought the answer was too in-depth to include in a Friday Q&A.

This person asked whether or not being named the Most Improved Player of Spring Practice translates into on-field success during the regular season. I thought it was a great question, and I had never thought about it before. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to come up with content during the offseason, so if you’ve got any questions like this, please pass them along. You never know when it could turn into a full-fledged article.

I looked up all of Tech’s Most Improved Players of Spring Practice dating back to 2009. Let’s see how they went on to perform.


Offense: Augie Conte
Defense: Desmond Frye

Augie Conte won the award for the offense, and Desmond Frye took home the hardware for the defense. Frye had a very good spring, but he had no chance to start because senior rover Kyshoen Jarrett was returning. It’s still unclear whether or not Frye will start in 2015. If he doesn’t, it won’t mean that he isn’t a capable