Tuesday Notes: Improved Blocking, and Hoops Recruiting News

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Zohn Burden
Zohn Burden

I want to talk about two topics today: blocking, and Deshawn Freeman.

Hokies Getting Better at Blocking as a Team

A play caller is only as good as his blockers on the field.  Scot Loeffler’s hands have been tied the last couple of years.  When he wanted to call an inside running play, his interior linemen couldn’t block until the last four games of the 2014 season.  When he wanted to call an outside running play, his wide receivers couldn’t block anybody, and the reliable Ryan Malleck was hurt more times than not.

Defenses gave the Hokies that short flat pass to the wide receivers, but alas Tech was foiled again by receivers who couldn’t make blocks in the open field.  Prevented from running the football, or from taking what the defense gave him, Loeffler had no choice but to throw the ball into the teeth of the defense.  That presented more problems.  All of his receivers were freshmen, and his quarterback was a new player who had spent his whole life in a completely different system.

In short, Loeffler was extremely limited by his personnel the last seasons, and most of it was caused by blocking issues at every single position on the field.  It’s extremely hard to gameplan when you have absolutely zero personnel advantages.

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