Virginia Tech Scrimmage #2 Report: Offense

The offense celebrates a Steven Peoples touchdown.
The offense celebrates a Steven Peoples touchdown.

The Virginia Tech offense broke out their Playstations and played NCAA Football 2014 on the Jayvee level on Saturday.  They put up 566 yards against the Tech defense, and quarterbacks Michael Brewer and Brenden Motley both had very good days.

Brewer, who has missed most of spring ball with a back injury, went 10-of-15 for 256 yards and five touchdowns.  He had no interceptions, one of his incompletions could have easily been caught for a 30 yard gain, and he also added a rushing touchdown.

Bucky Hodges caught three touchdown passes, while Cam Phillips added two.  Isaiah Ford also turned a “flanker screen” into a touchdown when he made Shawn Payne miss and ran by the rest of the secondary.

Most of the offense’s success came against the #2 defense.  However, they also fared very well in the limited snaps they got against the #1 defense.  Brenden Motley had a 40 yard touchdown run against the starters, and also threw a 60 yard touchdown pass to Bucky Hodges against the #1 unit.  Brewer had a 14 yard touchdown pass to Cam Phillips against the #1 defense.