TE Production, Before and After the Loeffler Hire

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Scot Loeffler
Scot Loeffler

“Everybody knows that Frank Beamer likes to use the tight ends in the passing game.” – Brent Musburger

I don’t remember exactly when Musburger said that, but it was probably somewhere around the time he was busy changing Kevin Jones to Keith Jones, or back when the great Javier Ah-duh-bee was playing backer for the Hokies. Regardless of the date, Tech fans picked up on the stupidity of that comment very quickly, and it’s been a running joke on the TSL message boards ever since.

It’s been a running joke because the statement is completely false. For years, Virginia Tech nearly ignored the tight end position. Only once or twice before Scot Loeffler arrived did Virginia Tech show an inclination to ever use their tight ends, despite having talent at the position.

Virginia Tech has three good tight ends in 2015. They’ve also had 2-3 good tights at times in the past, but failed to use them properly. Yet when they did throw to them, the play almost always went for big yardage.

Specifically, I’m thinking about Tech’s tight ends from 1998 through 2001. All of those guys could play, yet they caught so few passes that most fans don’t even remember who they were.

We’ll start with the 1998 season (11 games)…

Derek Carter: 5 catches, 115 yards, 23 ypc
Bob Slowikowski: 2 catches, 40 yards,