The OL: Reasons for optimisim…and concern

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I have a confession to make. I’m worried about the offensive line this spring. No really, I am. In all seriousness, you’ve probably read this article before. But this is a different year, so I’m digging out the same old article template and just inserting the names of the 2015 roster. At the same time, I find myself believing that the offensive line has a chance to move in the right direction.

I believe Virginia Tech has the potential to have a decent, solid offensive line in 2015. If everything goes right, we’ll take a step forward up front. However, if the wrong guy or guys get hurt, this also has the chance to be a completely terrible offensive line. One of the worst we’ve ever had in fact.

For example, what if Wyatt Teller and Jonathan McLaughlin get hurt? That’s Tech’s best overall player on offense, as well as their most experienced player. That would be a complete disaster. On the other hand, if everybody stays healthy and Eric Gallo does a good job at center, this actually has the potential to be one of Tech’s better offensive lines.

In this article, I’ll explain why I’m both pessimistic and somewhat optimistic about Tech’s chances up front this year.

A big problem is that I’m not only concerned about certain starters, but I’m concerned about depth as well. Outside of Wyatt Teller at left guard and to a lesser extent left