6 Days Until Spring Practice: Bud Foster

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Bud Foster
Bud Foster

In case you didn’t read Andy Bitter’s article this morning on Bud Foster’s flirtations with Texas A&M, it’s certainly worth a read. Here’s the link. Give that a read if you haven’t already, and then get back to me.

In short, Bud Foster was having daily conversations with Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin. Bud’s wife gave her approval, and Foster was fairly close to packing up the lake house and moving to Texas. If you’re like me, that probably leaves a lot of thoughts spinning through your head. However, despite the fact that Bud publicly said in December that he didn’t have any contact with Texas A&M, the news shouldn’t be surprising to anybody.

First off, if coaches are talking to other teams, they don’t admit it. It’s called a white lie, and if that sounds like a bad thing, it’s not intended to be. If Bud Foster had admitted that he was talking to Texas A&M back in December, what would that have told his players? Would he have been able to keep them mentally focused for the Military Bowl? He did the right thing and denied it.

Still, it shouldn’t be surprising that he was engaged in heavy talks with the Aggies. I wrote the following line in this