Scouting Report: Dwayne Lawson

Today we’ll begin a scouting report series on Virginia Tech’s 2015 signees, and we’ll start with quarterback Dwayne Lawson.

I’m by no means a professional scout, so these reports are going to be far from perfect.  They are just my honest take on each player, his talent level, where he fits in the program, etc.  I think I’m better at evaluating certain positions than others.  For example, I think I’m much better at evaluating wide receivers, defensive backs and defensive linemen than offensive linemen, so take it all with a grain of salt.

For those of you who keep up with MLB’s Top Prospects, I’ve also included an ETA feature that shows when I think each prospect has a chance to contribute either offensively or defensively (not special teams).  Things that factor into a player’s ETA include talent level, size, strength, and depth at his position.  For example, a defensive end’s ETA might be 2015 or 2016 simply because the Hokies lack depth at that position, whereas a defensive back’s ETA might be 2017 because Tech already has so many bodies in the secondary.

Note that all heights and weights are taken from