Cost of Attendance and Virginia Tech

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The whole subject of cost of attendance is above my pay grade. It’s a very complicated issue, and whatever your feelings on the subject might be, it’s pretty clear that no one can predict with complete accuracy the ramifications it will have throughout college athletics.

I certainly don’t have my brain wrapped around the entire issue, but I understand it to a certain extent, and today I want to address how it could affect Virginia Tech. First, let’s talk recruiting.

Cost of Attendance and the impact on recruiting

Cost of attendance varies from school to school, and from what I can tell, it is based on transportation costs and personal expenses, with available student loans also playing a factor. I don’t understand the student loans side of things, but digging up the numbers for transportation costs and personal expenses is pretty easy.

I decided to pick Virginia Tech, as well as four of VT’s main regional recruiting rivals: UVA, Tennessee, Florida State and North Carolina. All information comes directly from each school’s website from a simple Google search of “North Carolina cost of attendance,” or “VT cost of attendance,” etc. For this exercise, I’m using in-state Virginia recruits as an example. The numbers for VT and UVA are the in-state numbers that are found on their respective websites, while the numbers for Tennessee, Florida and UNC are out-of-state numbers.

These numbers are per semester, not per year. It does not include summer sessions at any of the schools, and that could potentially factor into the costs as well.

VT: $780 transportation, $605 personal, $1385 total

That sounds like a pretty good deal, right? That would be a little over $2,700 per year for a player who is on full scholarship. That does sound like a sweet deal, until you run the numbers for Tech’s out-of-state recruiting competition.  Fortunately their numbers are similar to in-state rival UVA’s.

UVA: $190 transportation, $1,055 personal, $1245 total

UVA’s transportation costs are smaller because they are in the middle of the state. However, their estimated personal expenses are higher, I assume because it is more expensive to live in Charlottesville than Blacksburg.  Fortunately however, they numbers are close enough that I don’t think it will make a difference with in-state recruiting.

Out-of-state numbers