One strength, too many weaknesses

Justin Bibbs
Justin Bibbs

Basketball games are usually decided by four things: shooting, turnovers, defense and rebounding. At this point in time, the Hokies are very good at one of those things, and terrible at the other three.

Virginia Tech can flat out shoot the basketball. That can’t be denied. As a team, the Hokies are 109-of-269 (40.5%) from three-point range this year. That is good for #11 in the country out of 351 teams. Notre Dame and Michigan State are the only Power 5 programs that shoot a higher three-point percentage than Tech. Let that sink in for a moment.

A team can be really good in one area and mediocre in all other areas and still win a lot of basketball games. However, they can’t be really good in one and really bad in all the others. Tech can really shoot it, but that’s not helping them win games, because they aren’t doing anything else even remotely well.

For starters, the Hokies are one of the worst rebounding teams in college basketball.