Beating a National Champion is a rare occurrence

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Wondering how the Hokies compare to past teams who have taken out a National Champion? The answers are inside.

Here’s a look at past National Champions dating back to 1993. From 1993 through 1997, we use rankings by the Associated Press (AP), Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), Coaches Poll, United Press International (UPI) and National Football Foundation (NFF). From 1998 through the present, we use only the winner of the BCS National Championship, or the College Football Playoffs.

1993: Florida State (12-1). FSU’s only loss came at the hands of then-#2 Notre Dame, who went on to finish the season 11-1.

1994: Nebraska (13-0). The Cornhuskers went undefeated and were crowned National Champs by every major voting service. Penn State also went undefeated, but were not voted #1 by any of the major voting services.

1995: Nebraska (12-0). The Cornhuskers again went undefeated and were crowned National Champs by every major voting service.

1996: Florida (12-1). The Gators lost to Florida State (11-1) in the regular season, but rebounded to beat the Seminoles handily in the Sugar Bowl. They were voted #1 by every major voting service.

1997: Michigan (12-0) and Nebraska (13-0) split the National Championship in 1997. The Wolverines were voted #1 by the AP, FWAA and NFF. The Coaches Poll had Nebraska at #1.

1998: Tennessee (13-0). The Volunteers went undefeated and won the first National Championship of the BCS era.

1999: Florida State (13-0). The Seminoles went undefeated to win the National Championship in 1999.

2000: Oklahoma (13-0). The Sooners ended Florida State’s quest for a second straight National Championship.

2001: Miami (12-0). The Hurricanes finally reached the top level of “backness” in 2001, going undefeated and winning the National Championship.

2002: Ohio State (14-0). Jim Tressel led Ohio State to an undefeated season and a win over Miami for the National Championship.

2003: LSU (13-1). The Tigers stumbled in the regular season, losing to Florida (8-5). However, they rebounded to defeat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl for the BCS National Championship.

2004: USC (13-0). The Trojans won the National Championship under Pete Carroll, though it was eventually stripped from them by the NCAA thanks to violations.

2005: Texas