A look forward: Quarterbacks

As promised, we’ll begin our postseason review of the Hokies, and we’ll start with the quarterbacks.  Michael Brewer returns, but he’ll have competition this spring from three other scholarship players.  Will any of them be able to challenge him?  That remains to be seen.

If you’re a true VT football junkie, the offseason is almost as enjoyable as the regular season.  We get to sit back and speculate on things like player development, attrition, making the numbers work, talk possible position changes, etc.  It’s like the Hot Stove season in baseball.  The actual sport isn’t being played, but what’s done in the offseason sets the program up for success (or failure) during the upcoming years.

No position on the team is more important than quarterback, so we’ll start this series with a look at how things could shake out.

Brewer and Durkin celebrate the win over UVA.

Michael Brewer (6-0, 200, r-Sr.)