Military Bowl musings

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The Hokies celebrate the big win against Cincinnati.
The Hokies celebrate the big win against Cincinnati.

Just as I suspected, 7-6 feels a lot better than 6-7 would have felt. That was a good win over a solid team on Saturday afternoon, and though people pay a little bit too much attention to bowl results in my opinion, it certainly has us all in a better frame of mind heading into the offseason.

Will Stewart did a pretty awesome job of covering the game in Monday Thoughts, as usual. I’ll try to throw in some different perspective on a few other topics,

Available Yards vs. Total Yards

Just looking at the box score, Cincinnati clearly gained more yards than Virginia Tech. 489 to 334 isn’t exactly close. However, when you look at the percentage of the available yards that was actually gained by each team, then you’ll find that the offenses were much more even than the regular box score shows.

So what exactly does “Available yards” mean? It’s an advanced stat that uses starting field position. For example, if the Hokies start the ball on the 50 and drive it in for a touchdown, then they gained all 50 of the yards available to them. However, if they start on their own 20 and the drive ends after just 20 yards gained, they only gained 25% of the yards available to them (20 out of 80).

I threw out the final two “drives” of the game because Tech was running out the clock, and everybody