TSL Roundtable: The Fan Experience

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What do you think about the updated Lane Stadium gameday experience?

Nova Hokie 95: While I’m not necessarily a fan of every single change, I’m a huge fan of the overall change to the gameday atmosphere this year, and I commend Whit Babcock for updating things large and small.

Even the parts I’m not personally a fan of – some of the music, ehhh – I can get behind just by watching the student section. They’re getting up, they’re getting moving, they’re getting EXCITED. The student section, from what I could tell, stayed longer this year than in years past. And it didn’t seem to come at the expense of the bands, either – they still had plenty of time to play, it appeared to me.

The “fan cam” additions are a welcome change, too. And Whit didn’t lose any sponsorship money by doing more fan cams, either. The idea of having ads on part of the screen while the cameras search the crowd was a welcome change from the very static and boring straight ads of previous years. It kept the crowd constantly engaged.

I don’t know if it was a result of somewhat lower crowds, but the stadium seemed easier to get into this year as well (though the student entrance, right by Section 1, still seemed mobbed). I may have been imagining things, but it appeared that they had more people scanning tickets at the entrances I used this season. If so, a nice and easy change that makes for a big impact.

The athletic department can’t control the product on the field (well, directly at least). But they can do their best to make sure that fans enjoy all the off-the-field aspects of the game as well. I thought this year was a great start, and look forward to even greater improvements as the years progress.

Upwind of uva: I only made it to one game in Blacksburg this year, and time was limited (that is, no tailgating), so my observations are limited and probably affected by the wretched display on the field that night. Clearly there is an effort to keep fans engaged, and I think there is progress there. I don’t really have a problem with the music selection. What I would improve is the sound. Having all the sound coming from one place means you have to blast it in the ears of those patrons on that end of the stadium. Since I was in the other end zone I didn’t cringe at it, but can understand why some would complain.

I also have a minor twinge at the homogeneity