Foster deal builds more confidence in Whit Babcock

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Merry Christmas, Tech fans. Bud Foster is staying.

Not that there was a huge danger of him leaving. Twitter and free message boards ran amok with rumors about him going to Texas A&M, but we were always hearing that he was going through a long negotiation process with Whit Babcock and that there was very little, if any, chance that he was going to leave Blacksburg.

First we heard that he had an offer for $1.15 million per year (from VT, to counter a $1.3 million offer from A&M), but then we heard that it was getting held up because he was negotiating for raises for his assistant coaches. It was during this negotiation phase that the free boards and Twitter were on fire with rumors. However, the legal process generally takes a little longer than people would like. In fact, it’s still not over. The contract has to be approved by the school, so it can’t be officially announced yet.

Still, as Andy Bitter reports, Bud Foster and Whit Babcock have already signed the deal. The deal itself is reportedly worth $900,000 per year and will last for five years. $600,000 per year is the base salary, and $300,000 per year is a retention bonus. We’ll have more details when the contract details are officially released, and Bud and Whit are hopeful that will take place later in the week.