Friday Q&A: December 12, 2014

Ford gets set to fire
Ford gets set to fire

1) If Brewer hadn’t come back during the UVA game, do you really think the coaches would have pulled Andrew Ford‘s redshirt?

Chris Coleman: For those wondering where that idea came from, it is from a quote from Scot Loeffler on (which is now a free site):

“…at one point, we had a very serious discussion of a last minute pulling of the redshirt off Andrew Ford. Michael Brewer was hurting, Brenden Motley was hurting and we came within a millimeter of burning Ford’s redshirt.”

Taking Loeffer at his word, I’d have to assume they were pretty close to pulling Ford’s redshirt, and that he was the emergency quarterback this entire time. There were three other options for emergency quarterback (besides pulling the redshirt off Ford or Chris Durkin), and none of them were good.