The UVA win: Mismatches, in-game decision making and miscommunication

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Mismatches, in-game decision making and a well-design passing play were all instruments in the 11th consecutive win over UVA. Also, we’ll throw in a couple of more plays by Wyatt Teller, just because he’s awesome.

Hokies take advantage of UVA’s weak link, as well as a miscommunication

Virginia has a very talented defense across the board. However, their depth in the secondary is highly questionable, and the Hokies were able to take advantage of a couple of backup defensive backs in the second half of the game.

Meet DreQuan Hoskey. You were first introduced to him during the 2011 VT-UVA game, when he was pressed into action before he was ready. Virginia Tech attacked him deep with Marcus Davis in the first half, and it was successful.

Hoskey was right in the middle of Cam Phillips’ touchdown in the third quarter of this year’s game. With UVA leading 13-10, Tech attacked down the field. Hoskey thought he had safety help, so he let Phillips run by him. However, he did not have safety help, and the result was a deep touchdown for the Hokies.

Actually, after studying that video a little more, I’m not sure whether Hoskey was at fault or not. The defensive back over the slot receiver (Byrn) also let the receiver run by him, as if he was expecting help over the top. The Hoos were playing tight man coverage on the boundary side of the field, but it seemed as if both corners expected safety help on the field (wide) side.

Another option is that Hoskey was supposed to drop back into deep zone coverage, with that safety sliding up to give a robber look. The safety definitely slid up, but unfortunately for the Hoos, there was nobody back deep. This is a simple case of miscommunication, and you see a lot of it in college these days,