TSL Roundtable: Favorite moment of the UVA game?

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What is your favorite moment of the UVA game?

Tafkam Hokie: It’s hard not to pick moments like the punt block, our biggest pass play of the year, Mike London basking in the glory of Enter Sandman, or the 4th down stop to seal the game, but I’d like to highlight a couple of unsung moments that really caught my attention when I was watching the game live.

On offense, JC Coleman managed to do a lot of the little things right that we haven’t seemed to be able to get right for about three years now. Specifically, I’d like to highlight one play, and one series of plays.

6:10 to go in the 1st Quarter: It is 3rd and 4, a makeable down that could be run or pass. Motley runs a variant of the option and pitches wide to Coleman. A UVA defender is in position to make the tackle for a huge loss, but Coleman makes him miss in the open field, then finds the correct cut lane to split between three defenders and lunge for a first down. It seems like any number of times over the last three years that same play would have gone for a ten yard loss and pushed us out of field goal range. But Coleman showed the elusiveness, vision, speed, and cutting ability to turn a potential disaster into a critical first down.