Turkey Day Q&A

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1: I am as worried about RB as any position on the field next year.  Neither Williams or McKenzie will likely contribute meaningfully next year and we lack any significant playmakers at this position. Lots of bodies but no real threats to “break one”.   I am curious about your thoughts on this position and one other position of striking need next year…you pick it.

Chris Coleman: You’re right.  There are a lot of bodies, and just as many question marks.  Here are Tech’s returning tailbacks for next year.  Their class listed in parentheses is for the 2015 season.

J.C. Coleman (Sr.)
Trey Edmunds (r-Jr.)
Joel Caleb (r-Jr.)
Jerome Wright (Jr.)
Marshawn Williams (So.)
Shai McKenzie (So.)
Travon McMillian (r-Fr.)
DJ Reid (r-Fr.)
Deshawn McClease (Fr.)

Did I miss anyone?  That’s a lot of names to remember.

Shai McKenzie has torn his ACL twice in the span of 12 months.  Marshawn Williams has a torn ACL.  Jerome Wright is out for the season with a knee injury, though we don’t know what kind of injury it is.  Trey Edmunds has barely played this year, thanks to last year’s broken leg, and a broken clavicle sustained against UNC.  J.C. Coleman has played well the last two weeks, but will he continue that performance or go back to being the player who seemed to lack explosiveness?

To continue, Jerome Wright quit the team, then came back, was going to redshirt, had six carries in two games, then hurt his hamstring, and then mysteriously hurt his knee.  I have no idea what’s going on there.

Travon McMillian nearly played as a true freshman this year.  Maybe we’ll be fortunate and he’ll turn out to be a special talent at tailback.  DJ Reid will obviously get an opportunity this spring as well.  McClease will be a true freshman who needs to add muscle mass, so a