TSL Video: Teller dominates Duke

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If you’re like me, you don’t watch individual offensive line play during the course of a game. You always follow the ball, and how many yards the Hokies gain influences your opinion on how the offensive line played.

Tech’s offense didn’t play great as a whole against Duke, but the offensive line had a good day run blocking. That effort was spearheaded by r-freshman left guard Wyatt Teller. Today we’ll show you a closer look at some of Teller’s best plays from Saturday.

11:51, First quarter (1:20 on the video)

This was the first play from scrimmage for the Hokies, and Duke had some very late shifting on defense to get an extra defender into the box. That extra defender made the tackle on Marshawn Williams. Ignore the results of the play, and watch Teller at left guard. He helps double team the defensive tackle, and then was still able to get down the field and drive the middle linebacker off the screen. That’s exactly what you want from an offensive guard.

8:01, First quarter (4:03 on the video)

Watch Wyatt Teller and pull from left to right and lead the way (along with David Wang and Wade Hansen). Watch what he does to Duke middle linebacker David Helton, who is a pretty good player. Ouch!

7:34, First quarter (4:12 on the video)

This is the very next play. Teller seals off his man on the reverse, and even though the play is all the way on the other side of the field, he continues to block the defender until he finally plants him into the turf. That’s how offensive line is supposed to be played.

4:25, First quarter (6:00 on the video)

At first Teller engages with the defensive tackle, but then releases to block an attacking linebacker. He pushes the linebacker completely out of the play, and eventually buries him in the grass.