Friday Q&A: Recruiting, bowls, and more Teller

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1) What is the best bowl for us this season, assuming we don’t want a repeat of the UCLA debacle?

Chris Coleman: Here are some of the projections right now…

Phil Steele: VT vs. Arkansas, Independence Bowl
ESPN (Schlabach): VT vs. Temple, Military Bowl
ESPN (McMurphy): VT vs. UAB, Independence Bowl
CBS: VT vs. UCF, Bitcoin St. Petersberg Bowl VT vs. Western Kentucky, Quick Lane Bowl

I think most of us would prefer to not go to Detroit for the Quick Lane Bowl. The day after Christmas in Michigan against Western Kentucky…no thanks.

The other bowls are attractive for difference reasons. An Independence Bowl trip against Arkansas would be attractive because the Razorbacks would be a name opponent, and Tech fans have a special feeling for the Independence Bowl. The Military Bowl in Annapolis would draw a good crowd of NOVA Hokies. St. Petersburg would be warm. UAB doesn’t excite anybody, but hey, at least it’s the Independence Bowl.

I want Tech to win out in the regular season, and then close strong with a bowl win. I don’t care who it’s against. To me, a Military Bowl matchup with Temple or an Independence Bowl game with UAB would represent the best opportunity for wins (throwing out the trip to Detroit…blech). Right now, wins are important, no matter who they come against.

Out of those games listed above, mark me down for either the Military Bowl or the Independence Bowl. For this particular year, I’m hoping we can draw a lower level team that we would most likely beat.

2) What does it take to increase our recruiting ranking from around #25 to around #15?

Chris Coleman: Signing more highly ranked recruits. It’s as simple as that. 247 has a recruiting class calculator. Tech currently ranks #28 in the 247 team rankings. Here’s how the Tech class would look with specific recruits added…

With Josh Sweat: #21
With Josh Sweat and Jalen Dalton: #21
With Sweat, Dalton and Settle: #15

Those three recruits would take Tech all the way from #28 to #15 in the rankings. Obviously it’s an inexact science, as it doesn’t factor