Monday Thoughts: BC 2014 Edition

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The losses are mounting. The Hokies have lost three in a row now, for the second time in three years, and they’ll have at least five losses for the third year in a row, something that happened just twice from 1993-2011.

As this rocky path gets more and more difficult, the differences in the fan base start to become more pronounced. When the team is winning ACC championships, everyone shows up in the stadium, and generally, the mood on the message boards is okay (except for the divisions that sprung up due to the offensive struggles in the mid-2000s). But as this young, injured team has struggled, the “fault lines” among the fans, if you will, have become more emphatic.

Many fans have checked out and are waiting for something to change. I know this because of falling season ticket sales, the empty seats in the stadium the last few years, and the decline in TSL subscriptions and traffic (with allowance for some self-inflicted wounds.)

Other fans are still coming, but are weighing the commitment it takes, and whether or not they want to continue it.

Then there are the diehards, the core of every fan base, those who are going to show up and support the team, no matter what. I’ve noticed that particular segment of the fan base has gotten more vocal lately, and they have espoused their opinion that it’s times like these when the team needs the support of the fans the most. They’re young, they’re injured, and they’ll get things turned around. Just give it time, and Frank Beamer, who has shown that he knows a thing or two about winning games, will get it turned around. Just be patient.

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