Friday Q&A: Recruiting, the running game, and 2015 starting lineup

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1) If you had to predict the 2015 starting lineups on offense and defense, what would they be?

Chris Coleman: I’m far from 100% convinced that Virginia Tech will have the exact same coaching staff next season, and that makes it tough for me to project. In fact, if I had to bet money, I’d say that the coaching staff will change in some way shape or form between now and next season.

That said, I’ll give it my best shot.

QB: Michael Brewer.
RB: Marshawn Williams.
FB: Sam Rogers
WR: Cam Phillips
WR: Isaiah Ford
TE: Ryan Malleck
Flex (WR/TE): Bucky Hodges
LT: Jonathan McLaughlin
LG: Wyatt Teller
C: Eric Gallo
RG: Augie Conte
RT: Wade Hansen

Another option on the offensive line would be to move Wyatt Teller to offensive tackle, and start Alston Smith at guard. But if Alston Smith isn’t playing over a guy like Augie Conte (who has struggled a lot this year), how good is he?

DE: Dadi Nicolas
DT: Luther Maddy
DT: Corey Marshall
DE: Ken Ekanem
Mike: Andrew Motuapuaka
Backer: Raymon Minor
Whip: Ronny Vandyke
CB: Kendall Fuller
FS: Chuck Clark
ROV: CJ Reavis
CB: Brandon Faycson
Nickel: Donovan Riley

Outside of the Ohio State game, Deon Clarke has had a bad season. Bud won’t admit this, but he’s looking for a replacement‚Ķthus the move of Ronny Vandyke to backer during the middle of the season. I’m going out on a limb and picking Raymon Minor, but that’s just a pure guess because we weren’t allowed to watch scrimmages this fall, so I don’t have a good scouting report. Whoever it is, we certainly need an upgrade.

Torrian Gray really likes Chuck Clark‘s football IQ, so a