Williams making Boo Williams a priority

We’re getting closer to the basketball recruiting November signing period. This afternoon we’ll take a quick look at where the Hokies stand with their 2015 recruiting.

First, let’s see who the Hokies will have returning for the 2015-16 season.

C Joey van Zegeren (r-Sr.)
G Adam Smith (r-Sr.)
F Shane Henry (Sr.)
F Zach Leday (r-Jr.)
G Seth Allen (r-Jr.)
G Devin Wilson (Jr.)
G Malik Mueller (r-So.)
C Satchel Pierce (So.)
G Jalen Hudson (So.)
G Ahmed Hill (So.)
G Justin Bibbs (So.)

That’s 11 players, which means Tech only has room to sign two players for the 2015 class. However, you can bet that there will be attrition. Buzz Williams is very hard on his players. He calls his preseason “boot camp” for a reason. Not everybody can take it, and a lot of guys left during his tenure at Marquette. A lot of guys have already left during his tenure at Virginia Tech. You can bet that a couple of guys on that list will not be back next season.