Passing game breakdown: Georgia Tech

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Today we’ll take a closer look at the passing game against Georgia Tech. Included are a number of Michael Brewer’s third down conversions, as well as two of his three interceptions.

On the whole, Brewer did a lot more positive things than negative things on Saturday. As you’ll see later, he had some help on two of his three interceptions from terrific plays by two Georgia Tech defenders.

Let’s get started with the positive plays…

8:48 left in the first, 3:07 mark on video. 3rd and 12 conversion

Brewer was given plenty of time on this play, which means he was free to sit in the pocket and survey the field. He made a perfect throw over the middle to a crossing Cam Phillips, getting the ball high to make sure it wasn’t intercepted by the safety who was about to cross in front of the route.

2:28 in the 1st, 8:26 on video. 3rd down conversion.

This is an excellent play design, particularly for third and medium. Tech’s receivers cleared out the middle of the field for a crossing Cam Phillips, and Brewer held onto the ball just long enough for Phillips to come into the clear. Then he hit him with a perfect pass for the first down. I’ve said it multiple times, and I’ll say it again: Scot Loeffler really knows how to design a passing game.

9:26 in 2nd, 11:58 on video, 3rd down conversion

I remember watching this play live, and I could tell what was coming as soon as Brewer broke the line of scrimmage. I was just hoping he would be able to get up after the play. Forget about the first down. Nevertheless, Brewer put a spin move on the first defender and then powered through two others for the first down. Sometimes this guy doesn’t play like he’s only 6-0, 200. This play is an example is why he has the full respect of his teammates.

7:47 in 2nd, 12:30 on video, 3rd down conversion