TSL Roundtable: What are you expecting this weekend?

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Though Bud Foster seems to have figured out Georgia Tech’s offense, he’ll have to teach that gameplan to a number of new players who have never faced that offense before. How much does that concern you, and what are you expecting from Saturday’s game?

Tafkam Hokie: Would it be cheating to just say I trust Bud Foster?

Yes, Foster has a very good track record defending the GT option attack. But if you look closely, it isn’t like he has been using the same defensive scheme year after year. I recall one year where his defensive key was crashing the two defensive tackles straight ahead to take away the dive play, then pursing the play to the edge. Then last year, he used the now infamous “Kyle Fuller, go get the football” defensive alignment.

So it isn’t just that Foster knows “the” way to counter the triple option, he knows lots of ways and is able to tailor the defensive gameplan based on our personnel.

I don’t pretend to be able to predict what Foster will come up with for the GT game, but I do know it is usually interesting.

After the OSU game, I praised the team’s resilience. To some extent, they continued to demonstrate it against ECU. They didn’t panic after getting down 21-0, they fought through some dropped passes and a critical missed scoring opportunity, and still were able to fight their way back to a tie game after probably the worst 1st quarter of play you could imagine. Now, we get to see whether they have the same resilience after a bad game as they do after a bad play. Based on what I’ve seen, it would surprise me if the team doesn’t bounce back strong. Although my expectations are tempered a bit by our injury situation.

I think the OSU game taught us how good the team can be when everyone is focused and things come together. The ECU game reemphasized the team still has some weaknesses that need to be worked on. Maybe the combination of those two lessons is what we needed to get this young team focused before conference play begins.

Hokie CPA: Okay, so this team still has some growing pains to work out.  We should still be favored in most of our remaining games.  I was scanning the boards after the game and I saw way too many people trying to place blame for the loss