Taking some heat off the freshmen

After watching the tape of Saturday’s game, I wanted to write a quick article to get some things straight. Like everybody else, before watching the tape, the easy thing to say is “well, this is a young football team, and those young players will have their ups and downs.” But after watching the tape in the office today, I have some different feelings.

Tech’s freshmen wideouts dropped a few passes, but in general they made enough plays to make up for those lapses, and both guys made a number of really tough catches down the field.

Cam Phillips: 7 catches, 89 yards, 1 TD
Isaiah Ford: 7 catches, 77 yards, 2 TDs

Throw in Bucky Hodges and his big 40 yarder down the field, and those young guys made their share of plays. Marshawn Williams had 17 carries for 74 yards, which is pretty good considering Tech was down double digits for most of the game, and ECU had a big matchup advantage on the interior. Greg Stroman looked promising yet again while returning punts.