Top Prospects: McKenzie moves up

Now that the preseason is behind us, GMSA and Chris Coleman bring you their final “Top Prospects” list of the year.

GMSA Hokie

Chris has asked me to take a look at my Top 10 Prospects list from earlier this summer and update based on our learnings and observations from the Fall Camp. There’s just one problem: I have NO observations from fall camp. I typically will speak to some of the coaches and others close to the program and will watch a few practices and scrimmages in order to form my own opinions. This year, I have had ZERO interaction with practices and, as you already know, the scrimmages were locked down.

I have been able to glean a few tidbits from some of the usual suspects but this list is mostly going to be comprised of my observations from what film we do have on these guys and from what we’ve heard from their peers and coaches.