Position battles still ongoing at QB, RB


The quarterback battle is still “brewing.”  Gosh, I crack myself up.  Virginia Tech was originally supposed to hold a mini-scrimmage this afternoon, and it seemed as if a decision on the quarterback situation would be made soon after, but that scrimmage will no longer take place.  Instead, Tech will hold a full (closed) scrimmage on Friday, so we’re all still waiting for that decision.

My guess is that the coaches will take the weekend to watch the tape of Friday’s scrimmage and talk about the situation in staff meetings.  After that, Frank Beamer will announce Tech’s starting quarterback during the press conference on Monday.  That’s simply a guess on my part.  With limited access this year, and closed scrimmages, it’s difficult to say what’s going on behind the scene.

The coaches originally said they wanted to make a decision early, but they did not.  That could be for any of several reasons…

1: Both quarterbacks are really, really good, and thus the coaches are having trouble deciding which one to start.  Unlikely.

2: Both quarterbacks are really, really bad, and thus the coaches are having trouble deciding who to start.  Unlikely.

3: Both quarterbacks have played well at times, and had their bad moments at times.  Likely.

One thing I’ve heard from a couple of different people is that Michael Brewer got out to a hot start, but has cooled a bit of late, and that has caused the competition to last longer than they originally thought it would.

That said, I would still be surprised if Michael Brewer isn’t the starter against William & Mary.  I think he has a higher ceiling than Mark Leal, and if everything else is equal, then you go with the guy who has the higher ceiling.

Brenden Motley returned to practice on Monday, and if Scot Loeffler isn’t happy with Brewer and/or Leal, he could be postponing the decision to possibly give Motley a chance to turn some heads in Friday’s scrimmage.  That’s unlikely, but it can’t be ruled out as a possibility.  Loeffler also keeps gushing about the improvement that Andrew Ford has made, and I think there’s a real chance Ford could make a push in the spring, though he will certainly redshirt this season.

Or, all this delay and non-information could simply be coach speak and intentional misinformation.  Perhaps they already know who their quarterback is going to be, but they don’t want to announce it to either the players or the fans, for whatever reason.  They are being pretty secretive this year, so it’s a possibility.

In a way, it’s fun to not know much about what’s going on.  Not only at the quarterback spot, but up and down the entire roster.  In the past, everyone had scrimmage access, so we knew the depth chart, knew the players’ strengths and weaknesses, and we could go into every season with a general idea of what was going to happen.  Things are different this year.  That makes me a lot more excited for a game against William & Mary than I otherwise would be.


The RB Situation

Virginia Tech has seven scholarship running backs on the roster…

J.C. Coleman (5-7, 194, Jr.)
Trey Edmunds