A case for the Pistol in 2014

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We’ve talked about the Pistol offense at times in the past, and today we’re going to take a closer look. Why? Because I feel like the Hokies should strongly consider running a lot more Pistol this season than they have in the past.


An imperfect match: Michael Brewer and Tech’s running backs

It’s hard to determine the last time Michael Brewer took a snap from under center. He played for a pure shotgun offense at Texas Tech, and he played for a pure shotgun offense in high school. What most analysts barely touch is that it’s not easy to make the transition from a shotgun offense to an offense that requires the quarterback to take a lot of snaps from under center.

The footwork is different. The drops are different. The timing with receivers is different. How the quarterback sees the field is different. The handoffs to the running back are different. Everything is different. When Brewer begins practicing for the Hokies, he’ll have to learn something he’s never done his entire life (or at least since middle school). He’ll have to learn something in one month to replace what he’s done for the last seven years of his football career. Granted, he’ll still be running some shotgun at Tech, but not on every single play like in high school.

That’s tough. I expect Brewer can do it, though. He’s a smart guy, and Scot Loeffler is a good coach. That said, people shouldn’t just expect Brewer to step right in and operate everything smoothly. He’s got plenty of learning to do in his own right.

So why can’t the Hokies run a shotgun based offense around Michael Brewer? Because their tailbacks are much more suited to a downhill running game out of the I-formation and