Football ticket mini-plans come to Tech

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Earlier this week, football ticket mini-plans — and all that implies and carries with it — arrived in Blacksburg.

The Virginia Tech Athletic Department announced an interesting mini-plan being offered this week only. For $153, fans have a choice of a group of three tickets.

vt_fb_mini_plans_2014_01(I know which one I’d buy, if I was in the market: Maroon all the way)

We could slice and dice the choices and their pricing all day, but that’s not really the point. The point is, for the first time in the Beamer Bowl Era, Virginia Tech has had to resort to offering mini-plans, because they’re nowhere close to selling out full season ticket packages, and they need the incremental boost that mini-plans will provide.

Mini-plans work. If you take a look at this thread on the Football Board, the response is generally positive, and there are a few anecdotes about fans buying the mini-plans, one of whom says they are “perfect” for his needs.

Mini-plans are sold at a lot of schools, and they’re always a sign of poor attendance. At the University of Miami, where home attendance hovers around 30,000-40,000 for most games (I’m being generous), mini-plans have been a way of life for years, offering a dizzying array of combinations, seating options, and prices. This year’s option to buy a two-game mini-plan of FSU and UNC (PDF link) is relatively