Looking back with: Sean Glennon (Pt 2 of 3)

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As with Part 1 of this “looking back” feature with Sean¬†Glennon, most of what is written here are his words, from a 90-minute interview. Points of clarification or narrative from us are in italics.

After his disastrous performance against Georgia in the 2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl, Glennon went through a long offseason of reflection.

I was in the pits for a little while after that bowl game. People have asked me if the fans got to me, and of course they get to you, but nobody in my life has been harder on me than myself. I’m the type of person who doesn’t need you to tell me I screwed up. I know. And I knew I let the team down.

So that gave me a lot of motivation in the offseason. Even the winter when there’s nothing you can really do, I broke a couple of weight room records. I was just kind of a man on a mission to redeem myself because I felt that all in all, I actually played pretty well in that 2006 season. It just ended so horrifically that I really didn’t get any due credit for it. The bottom line is that we went 10-2 during the season. It was a successful year. It just ended horribly.

Glennon and Justin Harper during an intrasquad scrimmage
Glennon and Justin Harper during an intrasquad scrimmage

I worked as hard as I possibly could in the offseason to get my body right, to become a better athlete. We come back from spring break, and spring ball is going really well. It wasn’t announced publically because we never had the Spring Game, but I got the MVP of that spring. I was playing really well in the spring. But then April 16 happened obviously, and then spring practice gets cut off early. School basically ends. We still have workouts, but it’s kind of chaos. So it kind of threw a wrench into things. Especially that first game against ECU, it was tough to just focus on football.

It was a weird offseason for sure, especially because it started off so well. Still, I felt a lot of confidence going into that 2007 season. Even though it didn’t start off well, I played my best football at Virginia Tech in the second half of that season, and I’m hoping it’s because of the preparation I did going in.

Things take a turn for the worse at LSU

The Hokies beat ECU to start off the 2007 season, then had a disastrous trip to Baton Rouge and got waxed by LSU, 48-7. The Hokies had 11 first downs and 149 yards of offense. Glennon was 2-10 with an interception, and was pulled in the second quarter for true freshman Tyrod Taylor.

The following Monday, the Virginia Tech coaches informed Glennon that they would be going with Tyrod the rest of the season. Following practice that night, in an interview with Kyle Tucker and other reporters, Glennon spoke openly of the possibility of a transfer, saying among other things, “I’d love to stay here, but if they only plan on letting me call signals, obviously I’m going to have to re-evaluate things.”

You have to understand where I was at the time. I didn’t mean to say things like I wanted to get out of Virginia Tech and things like that. But basically cameras and microphones got thrown in my face after