Spring Game is unmemorable

How many Spring Games do you actually remember?  Most of Tech’s Spring Games through the years haven’t been particularly memorable, simply because of the format and the fact that nothing really happens.

For me personally, a few games stand out, simply because something happened that made them memorable.

1999: This was the first Spring Game I ever attended, and I remember it for several reasons.  First, it was my first Spring Game.  Second, it was my first look at Michael Vick, and I wasn’t impressed.  That yellow jersey hides a lot sometimes.  Third, I remember Shyrone Stith having a big day on the ground against the #2 defense.

2002: I remember this game simply because Bryan Randall took every snap at quarterback for both teams.  The most amazing thing about this game was that Frank Beamer actually took the yellow jersey off Randall for this game, despite the fact that he had already lost Grant Noel to a torn ACL.  That was a pretty ballsy move by Frank, and that’s why I remember the game.