Friday Q&A: April 4, 2014


1) Any info on Stacy Searels regarding his fit with the coaches and players?

Chris Coleman: Stacy Searels is a great fit for Frank Beamer, and he’s a great fit with the rest of the offensive coaching staff.  He worked well with Mack Brown at Texas, and Beamer really respects Mack Brown.  It’s only natural that Searels would be a good fit for Beamer’s staff as well.

I liked Jeff Grimes a lot.  I think he’s a good coach.  But I’ll admit that I think Searels is a better fit, and I also prefer his coaching style.  Grimes could certainly yell and be intense when needed, and he really did look the part of an offensive line coach.  However, Searels is intense all the time.  Every moment spent with him on the practice field is intense.

I don’t mean that in a bad way.  He yells, but it’s not the berating kind of yelling.  He expects his players to play intense and tough every single snap in practice.  If they do that, it will carry over into games.  Therefore, he coaches intense and tough every snap in practice.

I think he’s a good fit with most of our current players.  Brent Benedict obviously likes Searels a lot.  It was Stacy Searels who originally recruited Benedict to Georgia, and Benedict fits in well with his style of coaching.  I think guys like Wyatt Teller and Augie Conte are excellent fits for him as well.

I haven’t heard any rumblings of players being unhappy about Searels.  If any of them don’t like his style of coaching, then I’ll pack their bags for them, because his style is what Tech needs right now.  If somebody can’t take his style of coaching, then that somebody isn’t who I want blocking on an important 3rd and 1.  We need to get tougher up front.  I like where the young talent on the line is headed, and the Hokies need a fiery coach to help those guys get tough and to make sure they fully develop.  I really like Stacy Searels in that role.


2) If Michael Brewer works out, how long before Brenden Motley moves to safety?

CC: As time moves on, the chances of Brenden Motley being a successful safety for the Hokies get lower and lower.  Tech can’t move Motley until they are absolutely sure that either Andrew Ford or Chris Durkin is capable of holding down the #2 spot at quarterback in 2015.  If Motley moved to safety in 2015, Michael Brewer got hurt, and Ford and/or Durkin wasn’t ready, then the quarterback position would be a mess.  Put yourself in Scot Loeffler’s shoes.  You can’t move Brenden Motley until you have two quarterbacks who are better than Motley.

A big position change like that requires a spring to adjust, learn techniques, get used to the speed of the game from the other side of the ball, etc.  And remember, Motley is a quarterback, so he has been in a yellow jersey since he first arrived.  He hasn’t hit anybody since he was in high school.  A change to safety wouldn’t happen overnight.  It would take time, and after this season,