Players to watch: Offense

Considering there are a few inches of snow on the ground right now in Blacksburg, it’s hard to believe that spring practice begins in two days.  Throw in the fact that Whit Babcock hired Buzz Williams to coach the basketball team, and spring ball seems to have snuck up on us all this year. has not yet released a roster with updated heights and weights.  Expect that to come tomorrow or Thursday.  However, has released a spring roster without heights and weights.  A few names are missing:

WR E.L. Smiling: Smiling was set to be a r-senior this season, but he was buried on the depth chart by younger players and wasn’t expected to play a role this year.

WR Mark Irick: Irick had a stress fracture that forced him to miss his r-freshman season in 2013.  It’s not clear whether or not he will return for the fall.