Hokies return quality pieces for next season

Tailgate Guru summed up the James Johnson question perfectly in this morning’s Voice of the Fan, so I’m not going to spend much time talking about that. But I will reiterate what he said: I’m tired of talking about the situation. I’m tired of talking about Jim Weaver. I’m tired of talking about Seth Greenberg. I’m tired of talking about James Johnson being on the hot seat.

It’s important to remember that whenever coaches reach the “hot seat” status, they rarely ever get back in the good graces of the fan base. Frank Beamer is one of the few to do so, and I doubt we’ll get lucky twice. I want the situation to be over so we can all start fresh and talk about something new.

When it does happen, whether it’s this year or whenever, Tech needs to get a good coach with head coaching experience. No more assistants. Look at the last five VT basketball hires:

Frankie Allen: Top assistant under Charlie Moir
Bill Foster: Hired out of retirement, former head coach of Charlotte, Clemson and Miami
Bobby Hussey: Top assistant under Foster
Ricky Stokes: Top assistant at Texas
Seth Greenberg: Head coach at USF and Long Beach State
James Johnson: Top assistant coach under Seth Greenberg