Hoops: The brand, and the freshmen

The Hokies suffered a tough loss at the hands of UVA last night, and it got me thinking about several topics.

Tech's 2-3 zone frustrated UVA.
Tech’s 2-3 zone frustrated UVA.

A 2-3 Brand

I know that James Johnson wants to “get out and run.” He’s said it numerous times. That is the brand that he wants to build. I would really like that. I would like nothing better than to recruit a team full of Deron Washingtons, outrun everybody up and down the court, score between 80 and 100 points every night, and watch a bunch of breakaway dunks. That sounds like fun basketball.

However, do you know what’s even more fun than playing up-tempo basketball? Playing winning basketball. I don’t think the up-tempo style is a brand that can ultimately be successful at Virginia Tech.